This page will be updated weekly at minimum with important information for students, staff, and faculty at Coe College.

Academic Updates

August 24, 2022- Classes begin

August 30, 2022- Last Day to Add or Drop a Full-Term or First Half Term Course Without a ‘W’

*Last updated  5/5/2022*

Housing Updates

August 20, 2022- New Students Arrive

August 23, 2022- Residence Halls Open for Returning Students

*Last updated 7/20/2020*

Dinning Updates

COVID-19 Updates

*Click here for a complete list of COVID-19 Updates*

*Click here for the Safe Campus Initiative*

Masking is now optional in all spaces, but it is always good practice to have a mask on hand in case you or those around you need them to be worn.

*Last updated 5/5/2022*

Community Updates

No current community Updates

*Last updated 5/5/2022*