Two-Deep Breaths: Yoga and Live Music Getaway

By: Megan Carlson

Coe students got to experience the sensation of mindfulness, breathwork, and yoga at SAC’s event Thursday night. The star of the event was Shanice Green, a singer, songwriter, and certified yoga instructor.

 Shanice calls her event “Two Deep Breaths” and it is classified as a yoga and live music getaway.

 “Right before Covid hit, I wanted to create a program that I could do live for people and combine all the things I love and all the things that bring me peace” said singer and songwriter Shanice. “Giving a piece of myself to others hopefully spreads positive energy and gives people something they can relate to.” 

During the event, students learned breath awareness, a mantra, and some basic yoga poses.

 “My favorite part of this event was the emphasis on gratitude and really staying in the moment. It’s something a lot of people think about and it’s really important to just live in your moment,” said Morgana Goodlow (‘24). 

Shanice emphasized the importance of being thankful for what you have. 

“I learned how to be more accepting of myself and acknowledge that good things are happening,” said Destini Robertson (‘24).“If I don’t feel like they are, I have to remember everything works out and happens for a reason.” 

Shanice also focused on the mantra, “I am.” 

At the end of “Two Deep Breaths,” students wrote down their own mantras, goals, and aspirations. When asked why she attended this event, Sylvia Love (‘24) stated, “I do it on my own, but I wanted to see different perspectives on it and just have it more widely appreciated around campus.”

More information about Shanice and Two Deep Breaths can be found on her Instagram page, @taketwodeepbreaths.

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