Spoken WordExpo

By: Breanna Abshire

On Saturday night, the brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta (SLB) and Black Self-Educated Association (BSEO) put together a spoken word expo. The brothers of SLB and the members of BSEO fostered a warm and inviting atmosphere that encouraged Kohawks to share what they wrote or something that resonated with them. The overarching goal for the night, amplifying voices and celebrating diversity, was achieved by SLB and BSEO through this event as shown through the collection of genres shared and the support that Kohawks showed one another.

A flock of Kohawks came together in Charlie’s PUB to share a mix of heartfelt, emotional poems and comical stories; lip syncing performances and games; this event offered something for everyone. Some recurring themes of the night were self-love and acceptance, environmental conservation, and loving someone across the country. 

One of the pieces recited by Kohawks was a dramatic reading of Tammie Brown’s “Sexy Orangutan,” a song that highlights the need for forest conservation and the protection of endangered animals. Other poems and stories of a more personal nature were shared, including one Kohawk’s love for a woman named Delilah who lives in New York City.

If you missed out on this event, have no fear! In a recent email, sent out on February 28th, the executive board of BSEO wants to plan more events just like this one in the future.

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