Profile: Curt Kimm

By: Brady Behrend

Coe College recently announced that the school will no longer use the crimson and gold color scheme that has been a staple of the college for decades. Going forward, the Kohawks will be represented by a new orange and black color scheme. 

This decision was made to create a new, brighter atmosphere on campus. The bright orange color will create a more welcoming impression on visiting students and returning students alike. 

The change in color will usher in a brand-new set of jerseys for all of the sports teams as well as a remodel and all the sports complexes, gyms, facilities, and locker rooms. Logos on sports fields and courts will also need to be changed to fit the new look.

Many other things around campus will need a fresh coat of paint as well. The academic buildings, Gage Memorial Union, the cafeteria, and Charlie’s Pub are just a few of the areas around campus that will be updated. The banners that hang on the lamp posts will also receive a whole new design.

All of the updates will begin as soon as the Spring 2022 semester ends. Coe College hopes to have all of the changes finished by the start of the Fall 2022 semester, just in time for new first-year students’ orientation. While this update will take a lot of work, the college believes that this change will usher in a whole new generation of Kohawks.

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