ResLife introduces new policies this semester amidst COVID-19

By: Ayam Shrestha | “Although COVID has changed a lot of things about our student experience, Residence Life has put many new policies in place that will allow us to still have a positive residential experience,” said McKenna Greenwalt, one of the Assistant Area Coordinator for the Apartments and Houses. “ It may not be the same as other years, but by prioritizing our health and safety as a student body, we are given an opportunity to still have an in-person education.”

Derecho winds over a 100mph rampage through Northeastern IA

“During the derecho I did not think it was going to be bad at first,” said Lacey Tierney (21’) who was just moving into her apartment as the storm hit. “I watched the storm out of my window for a little bit, but by the end I was sitting in my closet with all my stuff just in case all the windows broke. My mom was leaving Cedar Rapids and was stuck in her car in the road and I honestly thought she wasn’t going to make it. As terrifying as it was, I now have quite the move in story for Senior year.”