New Event on Campus, Students play Bingo for Food

Coe students had another opportunity to win some groceries at the third Grocery Bingo, an event that occurs Thursday night at 9:00 pm in Cherry Auditorium. A table is set up with various food items and each student is given a bingo card. Until all the food is gone, students play regular five in a row bingo.
“Grocery bingo is an event that I’ve used to help students engage with each other at previous institutions I’ve worked at and when I got to Coe I thought that it might be a nice addition to Coe’s already large programing model,” said event coordinator and Director of Residence Life Dan Juhl. “I thought it was something that students here at Coe would really enjoy.”
Students can make suggestions on what should be purchased the following week. On the whiteboard in Cherry alongside a list of upcoming events is a column titled: next week’s list. Students can add anything they wish to see on the table to that list and it will be available the following week.“I’m happy with what I won, but I really wanted to win these raspberry whities from last week, but they didn’t bring them back so, I’m kind of disappointed,” said Rebecca Staples.
The turnout for the first week was 188 Students and 204 the second week. With all the food, students have about a one in six chance of winning. Once the food is gone students have a chance to win a gift card if they can blackout their bingo card.
“I really like the atmosphere and being surrounded by Coe students who are super excited to win and be together cause I know we all love getting free groceries,” said Sophie Barna. “I think what Res Life is doing is really awesome, bringing Coe kids together at this event.”

Article and photo by Lauren Hansen.

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