Marc E. Bassy PMD

By Kaleb Fillenworth

After releasing numerous projects with Republic Records Marc E. Bassy took his career into his own hands as he launched his own record label New Gold Metal. The San Francisco BayArea artist Marc E. Bassy releases his debut independent album ‘PMD’ under his new label. Marc has toured with artists such as G-Eazy and Ty Dolla $ign while collabing with california based artists like Yg and Kehlani. 

If you listen to Marc E. Bassy’s discography you will find him putting his voice on full display. Marc’s first project to gain traction was ‘Only The Poets Mixtapes Vol 1’ released in 2014 as a hip/hop record. As Marc’s career grows his sound has appeared to evolve into pop/ Soul rather than hip/hop. In my personal opinion his musical evolution has been a thing of beauty. All of Marc E. Bassy projects seem to follow a similar theme of love but all projects have different feel to them. 

‘PMD’ at first listen seemed similar to other Marc E. Bassy projects but when listening to it for a few times that view changes from me. The first two singles off this album were “Save Me” and “Die Hard”, which sounds similar to other projects but have a beat that jumps through the headphones and catch the listeners ears. The ninth song on the album is titled “Drip” carries a simple melody throughout the song while the bass and the jumpy beat play along complementing each other well. 

If you like pop or soul music and haven’t yet heard of Marc E. Bassy you should look up his latest album ‘PMD’. 

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