Linn County COVID-19 death toll touches 100

Heather Fleck 

The novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 has claimed a total of 100 lives in Linn County as of Saturday, reports Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH). According to the latest data on the county website, as of Friday, 3,404 of the total 44,908 tests carried out in the county have been positive. This is 7.6 percent of the total tests carried out in Linn County.

Linn numbers are far from Lyon County, which has the highest positive test rate in Iowa of 21.6% of the total tests conducted turning positive. Currently the lowest positive test rate in Iowa is in Union County coming in at 1.7% positive test rate over the last 14 days.

According to the latest COVID19 update on the Coe College Website, on September 12, there were 20 active positive cases while the highest number of active cases at one particular day being on September 4 with a total of 36 active cases that day. Likewise, according to an email sent out by Dean of Students, Marc’ Bady, on September 10, there were a total of 127 students in quarantine.

There have been numerous deaths as a result of COVID-19 this year, and the numbers keep on increasing. As of Saturday, September 12, 2020, there have been 1,217 reported deaths due to COVID-19 in Iowa while reporting a total of 73,868 cases in total.  According to the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), there is no known cure for COVID-19.

Nationwide there have had 6,310,663 reported cases of COVID-19 and 189,147 reported deaths caused by COVID-19. California is currently the state with the highest numbers of reported COVID-19 cases and Vermont has the least amount of reported cases. As for the amount of deaths, New York City, NY leads all the states with 23,741 reported COVID-19 deaths just in the city alone and Wyoming, tied with Alaska at 42 reported COVID-19 deaths, have the least amount of COVID-19 deaths.


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