Latin Homecoming

By: Faith Webb

The Latin homecoming dance was an unforgettable night.

Many Coe  students came to join in the fun and festivities of Latin music and entertainment. The event held on Friday night was a time to put aside the stressful part of life, and instead enjoy dancing with friends.

As you enter the Eby gym, you are greeted with a red carpet that drapes the floor and black and white streamers that lead you into a  vibrant and festive scene of students. Towards the entrance of the gym, there were glow sticks. The glow sticks illuminated the dark mysterious atmosphere and created a lively vibe for students to dance, and enjoy the amazing DJ.

The DJ was the best part of the night. He really put on a show, playing all sorts of Latin songs, from high tempo beats that made you want to jump up and down to slow tempos that made you seek out your loved ones.

Many students appreciated the photo station set up in one of the corners. It was decorated with party streamers and balloons and a brightly lit selfie ring light stood there to help illuminate the photos taken.

The dance lasted well into midnight and when it ended. I felt like I could have gone another three hours.

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