How to: The Dining Hall

by The Cosmos Editorial Staff

The main dining hall has a lot of features that may seem overwhelming at first glance. The first thing you need to know is that you need your student ID to scan in for meal swipes or money to pay for a meal. You can also choose to eat your food in the dining hall or take it in a to-go box. Beyond that you can eat at as many or as few of the stations as you wish. Here is a simple breakdown of what each station has to offer:

Simple Servings has allergen free options open M-F with the possibility of weekend availability if students express the interest. To prevent cross-contamination and promote food safety, a staff member will plate your food at this station for you with whatever you would like.

The Grill rotates through a wide variety of entrees such as sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese, and more, as well as sides like French fries.

The Sandwich Station has a variety of bread options to choose from and many proteins and veggies to add to your sandwich. A staff member will build your sandwich for you per your instructions.

The Main Line rotates through a variety of homestyle meals and sides, however the attached pizza and pasta station remain the same daily.

The Salad Bar has two mixes of greens available with a variety of add-ins and dressings.

The PUB is located across from AD and connected to Upper Gage. If you miss meal time at the cafeteria, you certainly will not go hungry. The PUB is open and serves food all day with a fast food-style menu. Whether you want to dine-in with friends or carry out the PUB has something for you.

The Kohawk Shop is located in Lower Gage, next to the Intercultural Center. Students can use their Coe Cash to buy food, toiletries, and medicine; however, you cannot use Coe Cash for merchandise or clothing.

Common Grounds is located on the main floor of the library and serves Starbucks products! Coe Cash can be used here.

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