Flunk Day Tips

By: Breanna Abshire

Congratulations on surviving a year of college! While college is not entirely perfect, there is but one day a year that makes all of the late-night study sessions and tears worth it: Flunk Day.

Flunk Day is one of the most beloved traditions, as I am sure you have been told by upperclassmen. However, there are some things that you must know before participating in this tradition.

First, there will be false alarms. True Flunk Day will be announced to the student body not only by the clanging of pans at 3 AM, but also via Coe email from the Provost. So, before you skip your class and run around campus in research of food or bouncy houses, please check your email.

Second, Flunk Day is a fickle-minded beast and never does what you want it to do. Flunk Day is never tomorrow when you have an assignment due. Finish your assignments first or else Flunk Day could easily turn into Flunk Semester.

Third, underage drinking is strictly prohibited. There will be people checking IDs. You will not get away with it unscathed. Do not try it. For Kohawks 21 and older, practice safe-drinking habits.

Fourth, while many Kohawks, 21 and older, enjoy the lure of alcohol during Flunk Day festivities, drinking is not the only way to celebrate. There are many activities that are hosted around campus that do not involve drinking. If you enjoy being outdoors, play in the bouncy houses, listen and dance to music with your friends, or grab some food in the AD Quad. If you love air conditioning and crafts, then the library is for you! The library offers oversized games, puzzles, and crafts during flunk day where you can take a break from the sun and still have some fun.

Fifth, wear sunscreen! Sunscreen may not be the first thing on your mind, but it should be if you plan on partaking in any outdoor activities. Be smart and apply sunscreen to avoid getting fried.

Sixth, wear your flunk day t-shirt or other Coe gear.

Seventh, have fun! Flunk Day is all about students taking one day in a semester away from our professors to have fun and relax. So, when Flunk Day comes, be safe and have fun doing whatever brings you joy and distracts you from finals.

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