Coe Students Perform at the Annual PlayWalk Festival


Written by Beck Peterson

The 7th annual PlayWalk happened on Saturday, September 14 during Family Weekend, with a large turnout of both students and families in attendance at the event. Eight plays in total were performed, some written by students, some by faculty, and one by an alum. Each play had three elements that had to be included: a hula hoop, a bell, and the phrase, “this is as good as it gets.” 

The eight plays that were performed were: “Apple Bone Teeth,” written and directed by Ellora Bultema, “Record Breakers,” written and directed by Luke Reynolds, “The Inspector,” written by Sarah Stocking and directed by Amber Sanders, “Hypno Hoop,” written by Haylee Cloutier and directed by Rosella Birgy, “An Afternoon in the Park,” written by Sarah Reilly and directed by Kristjan Nixon, “Spinning on the Charm,” written by Sam Jankowski, an alum, and directed by McKayla Sturtz, “Agents of ASSSA,” written by Amber Sanders and directed by Taylor Bruno, and “Dr. Villain,” written by Zachary Benson and directed by Bridget Atkinson-Moore. The staff coordinator was Dr. Kate Aspengren and the guides who led people from play to play were Jane Callahan and Bryant Thompson.

Many of the actors couldn’t emphasize enough how PlayWalk was an overwhelmingly positive experience. Maria Cargille, a senior who acted in “Agents of ASSSA,” said that she has “done it every year at Coe, and it’s been a good experience every year.” 

“[Participating in PlayWalk] is a fun experience, a good way to get into theater, a lot of fun, not much time commitment, and it’s fun to be outside,” said Dan Orch, who acted in “Dr. Villain.”

Mayia Varner, who acted in “The Inspector,” said that being in PlayWalk allows you to “hang out with a lot of cool people and see a lot of cool stuff.”

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