Coe Adds More Parking Spaces

By: Autumn Grzenia

Have you ever been craving an Oreo McFlurry but the fear of not being able to find a parking space when you return causes you to not satisfy your craving? Well, you do not need to stress out about finding a parking spot anytime your sweet tooth is spending the night because Coe College is adding 1,000 more parking spaces!

It has only taken a couple hundred complaints from current students for Coe to realize there is this issue. Even though this addition is quite overdue, we are still getting the extra parking spaces we are not only demanding, but are needing. 

For those of you wondering how Coe will find the space for these parking spots, they are not going to waste the valuable, empty lots across from the current parking lot, but will be sacrificing the space of the quad for this addition. 

Losing the quad will come with some grievances, but we have made a simple pros and cons list to weigh out the situation. 

If we look at a few of the pros, such as reclaiming the title of tallest building in Cedar Rapids, a closer walking distance from your parked car to your dorm, and the campus having enough parking spaces for the amount of passes sold. Now, when we look at the cons, we realize that we are only losing the quad. Enough said. 

To make this new addition even more like Coe, there will not be an elevator in the parking garage because this campus loves stairs and elevators that do not work. So, they are just cutting out a step and not putting an elevator in. 

Construction for this project is set to begin on February 30th, 2023. Coe will be increasing tuition to be able to accommodate for the price of this project, which is also very Coe-like.

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