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Coe Cancels Classes Amid Polar Vortex Emergency

Coe College joined several other schools in the District on Wednesday, January 30 when it officially cancelled classes because of weather conditions. Cedar Rapids was just one of the cities swept by a deadly polar vortex this week, that brought Arctic temperatures, as low as minus 22 degrees, on the Midwest. As Wednesday saw record-breaking temperatures, Coe decided to put the students’ safety first and cancel classes from Tuesday, January 29 at 4:30 pm to Thursday, January 31 at 12 pm. “It’s always tricky to predict weather several days out, so we waited to act until we knew it was going to hit Cedar Rapids and be as bad as predicted,” said Provost Paula O’Laughlin. “Once the severity of the Polar Vortex hitting Cedar Rapids was clear, it was equally…