Finals Study Tips

By: Breanna Abshire, Copy Editor

That time is almost upon us, Kohawks: Finals Week.

It does not have to be the end of the world or your academic career if you follow some of these helpful tips.

    1. Talk to your professors. If you are having trouble understanding something or you have missed some classes, get in touch with your professor and have a chat. They have office hours for a reason- use them and pass those classes!
    2. Visit the Writing Center. The consultants at the Writing Center can help you at any time during the writing process whether you have a thousand words written or only your name. There is no wrong time to visit the Writing Center!
    3. Visit the Speak Out Consultants. Speak Out Consultants are available to assist you with your final presentations. Much like the Writing Center, Speak Out Consultants can help you at any point during the presentation creating and polishing process.
    4. Do something not school related. Set aside thirty minutes everyday to sit back and watch an episode of your favorite show, to color, or even to take a little nap. The main goal of this tip is that you try to relax completely and do not spend the entire thirty minutes worrying over what you need to do when you get back to work.
    5. Try a new study area.If you find that you can no longer focus in your typical study area, switch it up! Go to one of the Stuart or Peterson Hall lounges, study outside, or move to a different area of the library. Having a new study area can switch things up just enough to keep you engaged in your work and keep you moving forward to finals. 
    6. Study with friends or clubs. Many clubs use this time of year to host study events, so even if all your friends are busy you can go hang out with club members and get some work done. 
    7. Get outside. Take a little bit of time every day to go out and enjoy the sun and the Spring breeze (weather permitting). You can even try out one of the Veo scooters!
    8. Study methods. It can be really tempting to try all new study methods in the week before Finals, but if you already have methods that work for you then why stress yourself out with new ones? However, if you have yet to find a good study method or routine feel free to try something new out like the Pomodoro Method, flash cards, creating study guides or practice tests, or teaching your friend whatever subject it is that you are struggling with.
    9. Sleep! Make sure that you are taking enough time every night to rest and recharge for the next day. A healthy sleep schedule is practically unheard of in college students, but getting enough rest will help your immune system fight off any last second colds and will help you focus better on your studies and your tests.
    10. Eat well. Coe has a 24-hour food pantry (The Nest) located in Upper Gage. The Nest is open to all students, staff, and faculty. It is located just past the men’s restroom and to access it all you need to do is scan your Coe ID and grab some great study snacks like raisins or dry cereal.